October Visiting Teaching Handout

Here it is for all you early birds! The October Visiting Teaching message focuses on nurturing the rising generation which is a great message for me since I am a mother and serve in the Young Women’s Presidency. These words are so true! Our youth need us to be strong and lead by example!

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Handout was created using items from Shabby Princess, Everyday Mom Ideas

(you’ll hear more about her next Friday), and Kevin and Amanda fonts.

Your VT is important too! We all need to be there to boost each other up! Remember how I said my mom used my VT handout? Well my YW President told me she used it too! Woohoo! Someday maybe the Relief Society President herself will use my handout. C’mon Sister Taylor, you know you want to. 😉

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Teaching Kids About Grandparents-Family Tree File Folder Game & Family Photo Coloring Pages

Recently, my son came home from nursery with this.

Hilarious!! I totally laughed when he handed it to me. They are learning about eternal families this year. Seeing this on the fridge everyday made me realize that I wanted to teach my little one about his family and that though he has no siblings (YET. We are planning on having more. I don’t need anyone else asking when the next one is coming. How do you answer that question anyway?! Ugh.) he is part of a family that loves him. I wanted him to know that though our family is small he has a big family too.

I decided to start with Grandparents and Great Grandparents (seemed perfect since I came up with this on Grandparents day). I wanted to keep it simple at first because he has a TON of aunts, uncles and cousins. Don’t worry, we love you too!

I love the idea of a family tree and helping him to know that his Papas and Grandmas are Mommy and Daddy’s Moms and Dads. I made him a little family tree file folder game by altering the basic family tree found on Kid’s Turn Central.

I made two different sheets (printed on card stock and laminated using clear contact paper), one that listed everyone by their relation (mom, grandpa, etc) and one that listed them by name. This way he could start with the relation one and eventually grow in to learning all the names. I printed out 2 in x 2 in pics (they fit perfect on a 4×6 photo paper) of all of us to attach above the labels (forgot my sons pic, so he pointed to where he goes). Currently, we are using double sided sticky tape, but you could use Velcro.

Click thumbnails to download 8 x 10 file folder game.

Left is blank to personalize with names. Right is labeled with relations.

We had recently celebrated Great Grandma’s 85th birthday party, so this was a great chance to teach him about Great Grandmas. Unfortunately, this is the only pic we got of them together. Lighting pretty bad and the “scenery” leaves something to be desired.

Great Grandma went in to the hospital for some surgery so we decided to send her a get well card. I wanted something personalized in it, so I sucked the color from the photo, cropped, and softened it so it actually looked pretty cute. Then, I turned it in to a Great Grandma coloring page and let him color it. This was a great time to teach him who Great Grandma is.

We decided to send Grandma and Grandpa a little something for Grandparents day (a little late) and did some finger painting and sent them a card.

As one last little learning activity, I got these Todd Parr books from the library. They were so cute and he loved them! They are a hilarious and refreshing way to look at roles. “Some mommies drive minivans, Some mommies drive motorcycles.”

Cover of The Mommy BookCover of The Daddy Book

The Grandma Book coverThe <span class=

Images from: http://www.toddparr.com/books/

All in all, we had a fun week learning about parents, grandparents and great grandparents!

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DIY Wall Mounted Ironing Board

My little guy decided to do a little slice and dice on his finger during his battle with the wall mounted ironing board so I am taking some PTO. Sorry no Feature Friday today.

But, as a consolation prize I will show you the ingenious ironing board that my hubs built for me one Christmas. W have a really narrow laundry room that consists of one wall of cabinets over the appliances and one wall with a shelf and rod to hang clothes. No place for an ironing board. Yep, that is totally dirty laundry on the floor. I did laundry yesterday, this stuff multiplies like rabbits!

I do not want an ironing board set up in my bedroom and I am way too lazy to actually set it up and take it down every time I use it (Can you tell I don’t iron much? That is what the clothes hanging rod is for, eliminate ironing, hang stuff up with it’s warm. 😉 ). I would love one of those pretty ones hidden in the cabinet, but let’s be real who has $150 for that? So, my hubs took the cover from my college table top ironing board and went to work.

Mind you he did this while keeping it secret from me. Isn’t he inventive? At first I was like, wow… an ironing board…for Christmas. But now, I absolutely love it (accept for the whole maiming my child part). It is mounted in the 1/2 bath next to the laundry room. Oh, and the iron holder is from Ikea.

*EDIT: I asked my husband for a supply list for anyone who wanted to try to replicate it. He says…

I just made this up as I went along….

The screenshot has a good image. The hinge can be used as fence or shed door hinges. Print the picture and go to your local hardware store and you won’t have trouble finding it.

Supplies: (most I had on hand)

$5 cheap small ironing board (i just bought it for the cover and cotton padding and discarded the metal frame)
1×12 (used the same piece for the ironing board and the square-with-rouded-corners base. (you could replace this with a thick piece of plywood)
2×4 – Just needed a small one, you can get one big enough for free at any construction site. This is the base that screws to the wall.
1×4 – I used this because the 2×4 wasn’t quite thick enough and the ironing board would fall down
1×2 – I used this to make two runners by the hing. This is what keeps the ironing board level (otherwise the hing with just keep going down)
1 large Fence hinge
1 longer bolt and nut to use as a swivel (as I didn’t buy an expense swivel bolt)
2 big sqare washers (about 1/8th inch thick. (Maybe the square washer is 1-1/2″ x 1-1/2″) Really it was just nice to have a filler that allows for turning for the space between the ironing board and the square-with-rouded-corners base. I had these big square things on hand.
5 1-1/2″ lagg bolts for the hinge. – Mount it o to the wall, make sure that at least one row hits a stud.
2 1″ bolts and nut – that hook the hinge to the square-with-rouded-corners base. Notice in the picture the nut is on the bottom.
5 3-1/2 ” lagg screws to scre2 it to the wall.
4 square (i think 1/2″ by 1/2″) rubber feet – You can’s see them, but I have 4 rubber feet that provide stability between the ironing board and the square-with-rouded-corners base.
8 washers – I used washers on the bolts with nuts and the lagg bolts.
A dab of grease.

I didn’t completely tighten the bolt used as a swivel. Just snug enough you have to actually try to make the thing turn. I had a problem with the bolt loosening over time, so I actually used a clear glue to prevent that.

This was by no means under $5, but all the mounted ironing boards I found were $170 or more and I think I was around $30, but I did have some of it on hand. So I saved about $140 dollars.

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