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Our Feature Friday today is Shelli from

I met Shelli (a contributor to youcanmakethis.com and swakembroidery.com) at the Mom’s Who Make It Conference a few weeks ago (which was amazing by the way, thanks Quinn!). Someone asked me what my blog was and when I said “A Little Tipsy”, she said “You are the Tipsy girl?!” I was so excited to actually meet one of my followers in person! And come to find out I had bookmarked some of her cute ideas too! Small world! So I got to know her over lunch, but here’s your chance to acquaint yourself with the one-minute interview (It was Shelli’s idea to spice it up with some photos. Great idea!):

  • What is your favorite crafting tool or secret weapon? Hmmm…tough question. I have so many, but for my stitchery business in particular, one of my favorite tools has to be my light box. When I first started my business years ago, I used to tape my patterns to a sunny window to develop and trace them, and it worked just fine. But for my birthday one year, my sweet friends pitched in and bought me a “Light Tracer”. It changed my world! It’s a flat *box* with a hard surface and a light inside that allows me to trace my patterns right on top of it. I use it multiple times a day when I’m developing new patterns or when I’m tracing them onto fabric. It’s a super simple tool, but a lifesaver for me.
  • Where is your favorite vacation spot? Well, we just returned from the Oregon Coast this summer, and that is currently at the top of my list. The beach is incredibly beautiful and unique, as well as the forest that fringes it. There are so many extraordinary places to explore, that we couldn’t even get to them all in the time we had. Beach-combing, skim surfing, kite flying, hiking, and exploring the tide pools were some of the things we enjoyed the most. My family already wants to go back. I highly recommend it. It was amazing!
  • How do you come up with your cute patterns? Good question! Wow. I have to think about that. I guess truthfully, I’m inspired by several things, but really, I try to soak in what’s around me and turn it into something on paper that makes me happy. Most of the time, a quote or phrase that I like inspires me to begin a new pattern and is the jumping off point for me. I then build my art work and lettering around it to add emphasis to the feeling or meaning of the words.
  • When I created, “No Greater Joy,” I simply began because I loved the scripture from 3 John 1:4 that stated, “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.” I wanted to create something for my home that could be a part of our furnishings and something my children could read and be reminded of frequently. I wanted to embellish the words with something that felt solid and strong, and pine trees came to mind. I drew two trees to one side to represent my husband and myself, and then four more along the other side to represent each of my children. It is such a simple design, but I wanted the emphasis to be on the words, and the whole image is meaningful for me and my little brood, and that’s what I was shooting for. It’s completely customizable for your family as well.

  • Often I’ll see a new line of fabric that reminds me of something or stirs up some creative thoughts. When I created the “Groovy Love” pattern, it was totally inspired by a line of fabric by Amy Butler. I was trying to come up with a pattern for Valentine’s Day, and when I saw this fabric it was so fresh and funky, it got me thinking of all the affectionate and sometimes crazy terms of endearment we call our loved ones at times. I experimented with a variety of writing styles and sizes, and “Groovy Love” was born.

  • How many pairs of shoes do you own? This is a question I’ve never been asked before, so until now, I’ve never actually known. But I can now say, I have 23 pairs of shoes.

To learn more about Shelli, read the *s in this post. I am totally creeped out my earwigs too, Shelli!!

These adorable burp cloths and receiving blankets were displayed at the Mom’s Who Make It Conference and guess what…Shelli has the patterns FOR FREE. You luckys. What I love the most is they have the cute fabric on one side and the ever absorbant cloth diaper on the other. She’s got smarts!She’s showing me up with the burp cloths, but c’mon my ribbon burp cloths are still good for not sewing in 15 years right?!

Back to school is here and we all end up with that one giant pic in the package of school pictures. Go ahead, take them out of the package this year and display those school pics on clipboards like Shelli. What a fun simple idea and so easy to update with new pics or art projects!

In this next post, Shelli shares a touching story she learned from her Father about recognizing the special things surrounding us. The story is titled The Golden Windows. It is short and sweet, but a really good reminder. I hope I can leave lasting memories and values like this for my kids.

Speaking of fathers, I had to share this idea because I am IN LOVE WITH IT!! I wish I had time to do it for my Dad’s bday next week because it is…well there is not a word to describe, that is how much I love it. See for yourself.

This Father frame is the perfect portrait of how I think of my Dad. He was an LDS seminary teacher, Bishop and now Stake President so I saw my Dad in a white shirt and tie most of my life.

Shelli celebrated Christmas in July (we’re a little late… blame it on the rain, ya ya) and is sharing two free patterns, a free e-book, and a backstitching tutorial with us. Phew, that is a lot of free. I love a good tutorial especially for something I think is so cute, but I am so inept at. Get your needles ready!

Lucky for us, Shelli is also doing a Christmas in July giveaway right now (ok, so it is august now, just count yourself lucky that it is still open for entries)! Head over and leave a comment by Sunday, August 9th at midnight to win this adorable Christmas Pillow!

The one thing I love more than a good tutorial is winning something already made for me. And yes, I entered, and I’m going back to enter again since I believe this counts as posting about it on my blog. he he.

Great ideas and free stuff Shelli! You are now entered in to the Hall of Fame as Tipster of the Week!

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    Shelli is absolutely and completely just an incredible person. What a blessing it has been for our paths to cross. It was fun to read your interview with her and I loved the shoe question. :)

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