Making A Gift for Mother’s Day

Here are some ideas I found in my search for a more personal Mother’s Day gift. Wouldn’t it be nice to make something instead of just sending a random card with something you found at Target last minute? There is still time to make something great! Here are just a few ideas I liked. They seem quite a step up from a World’s Greatest Mom mug.

Flower Pins from Grace Violet

The ultimate shabby chic! I love these! You can use them anywhere: embellish clothing, bags, storage containers, vases, hair, you name it!

Monogram madness from Living With Lindsay

You all know about my recent monogram obsession. How about a classy framed monogram for those elegant, clean line moms.

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Or how great would it be to monogram a tin and fill it with fresh flowers that she can later use to house office or craft supplies.

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Coconut Chocolate Swirl Cake
from She’s Crafty

Um, YUM! If nothing else I am making this for ME!!! I love how the ribbon adds a pop of color!

Cute Clips from She’s Crafty

Rachelle uses these as chip clips, but I can imagine them everywhere. Hanging from a string of ribbon holding pictures, with magnets on the back to hold notes on the fridge, pinning my sons pants up because he is too darn skinny. (Ok, maybe not that last one.)

Adorable Place Mat Tote by J Caroline Creative

I showed you the single place mat scripture bag we made in an Easter Gift post. What about a two place mat tote for mom. She can use it for church, gardening supplies, Sewing supplies, trips to the lake, whatever. Hey, you could even take it a step further and fill it with supplies for her favorite hobby.

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Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Hearts by Make and Takes

Don’t these look yummy! They remind me of something you would find in the candy shoppes along Park City’s Main Street. You could put them in a fun box that she can keep for jewelry or other little keepsakes.

Asparagus Flower Arrangement by Bloggin’ It From the Burbs

I LOVE asparagus, but would have never thought to use it like this. This cute arrangement is something anyone can do!March 09 059 8x10

Bloom Blocks by Lincoln 6th Super Saturday

How about some fun spring decor? I love how they have used the flowers for the Os! You could even add another board that says “where you’re planted.”

Ok folks, that’s all for now!

If you have or have seen a great idea please share either in the comments or by email Muhanahuli (at) Yahoo (dot) com.

Just one more thing, how come Dad’s and Grandpa’s get all the fun primary songs while Mom’s get songs about meadow’s of clover? No fair! My mom used to love *she says in a sarcastic voice* to hear them sing “Love at Home” while the 6 of us fought over crayons on the pew. 😉

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Painting Your Front Door

I loved the monogram’s blue accent so much that I decided to take it a step further and paint the whole door. This turned out to be WAY easier than I had anticipated! I actually did the whole project during my little guy’s nap.

I purchased a sample from Home Depot to make sure I got the right color and that it would not end up looking purple. I can’t imagine anything worse than a big purple front door. I used a regular paint brush and did the whole door with the sample. I was shocked. I am going to buy more to do the side door and maybe the panel next to the front door.

This is where I need your help. Do I paint all the white in the above pic blue? Do I leave the door frame and paint the right panel? Do I paint blue accents on the window frame and square inset and leave the rest white? Or do I leave it as is? Please help!!! I did a little altering in photoshop to give you a preview. Keep in mind the color is a little off and the shaping is not perfect.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3
Please leave your vote in the comments. The voice of the public must be heard on this important issue!

Remember this snow pic? It will have to do as the before shot. And…After. Now I am dying to get blue shutters to match!

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What the Heck is an RSS feed?

I know some of you out there are wondering this. (exclude heck if you are not from Utah) I found a wonderful explanation of not only what it is, but how to set them up for your blog if you would like some help allowing people to subscribe! Swing by Tip Junkie to see the full explanation.

Here is the cliff notes version. An RSS feed allows you to automatically see when there are updates on a site, instead of having to check periodically. For instance, on my sidebar there are a few different boxes. You can sign up to get free notifications of new posts through RSS (which will feed notifications in to a reader on your computer, I use Google Reader), email, or facebook. This is a convenient way to keep in touch. Plus, frankly, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know someone is out there wanting to see and hear what I am up to. {{batting eyelashes with big cheesy grin}}

So, here is your chance…I made it super easy (Just for you mom!) if you would like to sign up so you don’t miss a beat.

Follow, Follow me :) Get Tips By RSS

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Mother’s Day Giveaway

I wanted to make sure all you deserving mothers out there were aware of this amazing series of giveaways by 5 Minutes For Mom. They are going on through May 9th. I have only seen the two latest so far which were:

  • A blue ray player with A&E’s remastered Pride & Prejudice on blu ray
  • A $300 gift card to stay in the four seasons!

Mothers Day 2009

Hey, if you don’t want to enter that just gives me better chances! But, I love you so much that I had to share!

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