Ribbon Embellished Burp Cloth

Ready for DIY baby shower gift idea number two? This is another more personalized idea to make one of a kind ribbon embellished burp cloths. You can tailor them to any taste and they are, as always here on Tipsy, super easy.
The cloth diapers are awesome for those who have babies like mine who could soak one of those tiny burp cloths in five seconds flat. Flannel burp cloths are cute and can match blankets, which is nice. But, drool seems to be immune to those and many times just runs right down them until it finds something more absorbent, like mom’s shirt or the couch. LOVELY.

What you’ll need:
Cloth diapers
Quilt binding or bias tape
Sewing Machine/thread

1. Layout your ribbon, binding etc. and decide which combinations you like. I did two ribbons on each burp cloth, but you can keep it to one if you want them more simple.
2. Pin the embellishments in place.
3. Sew both edges on thicker ribbon and down the middle for thin ribbon. You can remove the pins and adjust as you go if the burp cloth begins to pucker. I did a zigzag stitch for the quilt binding to give it a little more personality. I left the ends open on most with the quilt binding, but on a few I folded a little piece of ribbon over the end perpendicular to and beneath the binding to give it a fancier more finished look.

As you can see on the end cloth, I also did a few with just ribbons and no quilt binding. You can play around and see what combos you like. In any case, I think they turned out really cute! I wish I would have thought of this when my little guy was still using burp cloths!

I also used this same concept with some receiving blankets I purchased (from the same pack I used to do the car seat covers in yesterday’s post). I added a stripe of ribbon on one end to make it more boutiquey (is that a word?) and cute. I mean ribbon makes most anything better right? :)

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