Fishful Thinking

My friend, Lolli over at Life is Sweet has been talking about Fishful thinking, which is a focus on helping your kids be optimistic. What a great characteristic! I think I could use a bit more of that. Today my hubby has the day off (Yahoo!) and I decided to make it a day full of fun and fish.

Here is our plan to make it a fun filled fishy day:
Breakfast: Marshmallow Mateys (Malt O Meal’s version of Lucky Charms with a nautical theme)
1st Activity: Visit our local Aquarium to learn about all kinds of fish. They even have a little area for the kids to touch starfish, stingrays, and a few other things. (I am getting a membership today. It is $16 for a year! It pays for itself in two visits!)
Lunch: Tuna Fish Sandwiches
We will fit a nap in here somehwere. :)
Snack: Goldfish crackers & Shark fruit snacks (picked these up at Macey’s a while ago for 88 cents a box!)
2nd Activity: Visiting Petsmart to pick up a new little friend (something that fits in our little fish bowl and is super low maintenance)
Dinner: Halibut and Fries from Arctic Circle(We have to be quick because I have to run to a meeting @ 5:30 and they are so yummy! Plus, we have a coupon!)

Glub, Glub! (That means gotta run so we can get on the road in fish talk.)

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April Fool’s Pranks

Happy April Fool’s Day! Ha, Ha. Gotcha. April Fool’s Day isn’t until Wednesday, but here are some fun April Fool’s Pranks and recipes to get you started.

Colorful CupcakesFamily Fun has tons of awesome ideas for recipes and family friendly pranks for your kids. Don’t these cupcakes look delicious? I am totally using this recipe for the meatloaf and mashed potato cupcakes! I will tell my family we are eating dessert first for a fun switcheroo until they bite in to it…He he!
Then, we will dig into the “hamburgers” which are actually made from brownies, donuts, Jell-o and more. Don’t they look awesome?! I have been waiting for a good day to try this recipe for over a year! Get the recipe from Good Things Utah. How cute would this be with the Faux French Fries from Family Fun?! This is way too much fun!
Baked Potato Ice Cream SundaesI may try this Baked Potato Ice Cream Sundae recipe from Martha Stewart next year. I am lovin’ the tricky food prank recipes!
If I get really devious I may try this little water trick on my hubby since my little one is too young to understand. Wouldn’t it be funny as he goes to brush his teeth in the morning?! See more of Martha’s ingenious April Fool’s pranks here.

April Fool Zone
has a bunch of funny ideas. I love this one.
Tape magnets to the bottom of an empty coffee cup, and attach it to the top of your car. Laugh at all the people who frantically try to get your attention as you drive by.

or for the office try this one…

Mouse Trap
Take a Post-It note and place it over the eye of the victim’s optical mouse. When the victim tries to use his or her computer, the cursor won’t move. Be sure to write “April Fools!” on the note! (Note if they have a standard mouse, you can perform the same trick by taping a piece of paper over the ball underneath the mouse.)

Ok, now it’s time to have some fun! What do you have planned? Let me in on any funny pranks or recipes you have! I love a good laugh!

Oh, and Happy Birthday to the biggest Fool I know, Becky! She was born on good ol’ April Fools and will be turning 30 this year. (April Fools! I guess you can have one more year!)

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Ribbon Embellished Burp Cloth

Ready for DIY baby shower gift idea number two? This is another more personalized idea to make one of a kind ribbon embellished burp cloths. You can tailor them to any taste and they are, as always here on Tipsy, super easy.
The cloth diapers are awesome for those who have babies like mine who could soak one of those tiny burp cloths in five seconds flat. Flannel burp cloths are cute and can match blankets, which is nice. But, drool seems to be immune to those and many times just runs right down them until it finds something more absorbent, like mom’s shirt or the couch. LOVELY.

What you’ll need:
Cloth diapers
Quilt binding or bias tape
Sewing Machine/thread

1. Layout your ribbon, binding etc. and decide which combinations you like. I did two ribbons on each burp cloth, but you can keep it to one if you want them more simple.
2. Pin the embellishments in place.
3. Sew both edges on thicker ribbon and down the middle for thin ribbon. You can remove the pins and adjust as you go if the burp cloth begins to pucker. I did a zigzag stitch for the quilt binding to give it a little more personality. I left the ends open on most with the quilt binding, but on a few I folded a little piece of ribbon over the end perpendicular to and beneath the binding to give it a fancier more finished look.

As you can see on the end cloth, I also did a few with just ribbons and no quilt binding. You can play around and see what combos you like. In any case, I think they turned out really cute! I wish I would have thought of this when my little guy was still using burp cloths!

I also used this same concept with some receiving blankets I purchased (from the same pack I used to do the car seat covers in yesterday’s post). I added a stripe of ribbon on one end to make it more boutiquey (is that a word?) and cute. I mean ribbon makes most anything better right? :)

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Easy Car Seat Cover Tutorial

Want a cover that is as cute as your little one, but can keep them tucked away from strangers, sun, and coughing kiddos? Or maybe you need a more personal “hand made” baby shower gift idea. (This will be the first of a few ideas to come, I have been sewing for two days!) The answer is here and is easy enough for even the most crafty challenged of all of us.

All you need is some ribbon, a sewing machine, and a 30″ x 40″ receiving blanket. (I got these cute blue and brown ones at Walmart, if you are really crafty you could make the blanket too) This makes a nice light cover for Spring/Summer.

3 easy peasy steps to your DIY car seat cover:
1. Cut ribbon
2. Measure & pin
3. Sew rectangle

1. Measure 29-30″ of ribbon and cut. I melted the edges a little with a lighter so they would not frey.
2. Measure 9 inches in from the side of the blanket, 17 inches from the top, and 22 inches from the bottom. Pin one inch of the center of the ribbon to the blanket.
3. Sew a rectangle between the pins. (I had not sewn since 7th grade Home Ec 15 years ago so don’t tell me you can’t do this!)

Ta da you are now the proud new owner/gifter of an adorable DIY car seat cover!

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